PC Games, £5

  ordep 22 Feb 11

Some good bargains to be had at Play.com

Fallout 3
Deus Ex
And more....

click here

  Colin 22 Feb 11

Thanks, ordep. Just ordered Bioshock 2.

  wolfie3000 22 Feb 11

Tomb Raider: Underworld for £5, looks like iv got a new game to play lol.

Thanks for the link.

  ordep 22 Feb 11

Glade to here you've found a bargain.
Played Bioshock but could get into it. It got a lot of rave reviews though.

I've had Underworld on the h/d since July 2010!. I'm a fan of Tomb Raider, played most of them but I find the new engine a bit of a fag. I've been stuck on a ledge trying to get past a giant octopus, I really must get back to it.

  ordep 22 Feb 11

Just found this to.
Got to be worth a punt at £1.49.

click here

  AL47 22 Feb 11

i just ordered hl2 ep2 as well, was going to order it this weekend after recently getting hl2 [for £2] and hl2 ep1 [£2.50]

whole set for £6 lol

  wolfie3000 22 Feb 11

You guys should check out Steam, alot of bargain games there too.

  ordep 23 Feb 11

I'd use Steam more only it automatically defaults to C drive, and causes me problems. I had to reformat a while back as C drive was chocker block, and I was unable to d/l other stuff.

I did try a gizmo some one had written so's you could move Steam fils over to another drive, but it didn't work for me.

  X7-250 23 Feb 11

steam doesn't default to C, just select destination during install, i use drive F, never had an issue.

  wolfie3000 24 Feb 11

Same mine is set to my I:\ drive.

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