Painkiller Revisited

  Colin 21 Jul 08

Been having a bit of a sort out of my old PC games. Recently replayed FEAR, Quake 4 and Painkiller plus the expansion pack, Battle out of Hell.
Now that I have what I think is a decent system, (E8400 Core Duo, Radeon 3870), I can play these games at 1600x1200 with everything on max settings. It’s like playing a different game than before. I was never that happy with FEAR’s graphics and on my current PC they are better, but Painkiller is out of this world. The game’s story may be a bit weak, but the detail in the graphics is amazing. I’m currently looking for a cheap copy of Painkiller Overdose to see how that looks. I think the moral of the story is try not to buy the latest game until it’s been out a while and by then your PC will probably be able to play it at what it’s meant to look like. GAME’s 3 for £10 here I come!

  mrwoowoo 21 Jul 08

Totally agree.
I am playing Quake 4,which i have never played before and jericho on max settings.I do tend to get bored playing twice although i have reinstalled Bioshock which i can now play maxed out on my new pc.
I often wonder if i should wait a year or two after a games release before purchasing,so that i can play it as it was intended.
The problem is that when a game comes out i want to play it now,so have to compromise on graphical quality slightly,although i believe gameplay is more important.Buying games that wern't quite good enough to justify full price at the time but are great value a year or two later is one way to get the best out of your system and still enjoy a new experience.
I played max payne 2 again recently(how olds that) and the graphics with all settings on full was amazing even now.I first played it with my 32mb graphics card stuttering like Gareth gates during his stage debut.
There certainly is something to be said for replaying old games on a better system.

  Colin 21 Jul 08

mrwoowoo - I forgot to mention Max Payne 2. It looks fantastic and the gameplay is great, too.

I still play Tomb Raiders 1 to 4. Their graphics can't get any better but the game play is great, not to mention the nostalgia. TR1 was one of the first PC games I bought. I could only play it then at 320x400 and it looked terrible - I could hardly make out where I was supposed to be.

  mrwoowoo 21 Jul 08

The original tombraider was my first experience of gaming,but it was on the playstation.Still one of my favourite all time games and so advanced for the time.My second was Crash bandicoot,also one of my favourite all time games and sooo adictive.

  crosstrainer 22 Jul 08

Did you download the final Quake 4 patch? It transforms the graphics completley! I have finished it again, and am going to play COD4 again, as there is nothing else around at the moment :(

  mrwoowoo 22 Jul 08

No, i didn't even think about a patch,since it runs ok. Will go and hunt it down now though since it improves the graphics(always a good thing).
I really enjoy the occasional online sorty and even manage to hold my own occasionally.When it comes to the anti gravity maps though i'm like a headless chicken.I haven't got a clue,so don't play those maps anymore.Far too embarrassing.
About half way through Mass effect, for want of something better.Mind you,it does have it's good moments and isn't as bad as i first thought.

  gengiscant 26 Jul 08

I loved painkiller,memories of serious sam,which I still play online.(how sad is that.)

  mrwoowoo 27 Jul 08

"how sad is that"
Not at all.
I recall playing it in single player and it was the most frantic,manic, fragging fest i've ever encountered.
Great fun.I bet online,it's totally insane.(O:!

  Armchair 27 Jul 08

Painkiller is great fun. Only downside is the time it takes to load a level. I loaned my copy out ages ago and never got it back, unfortunately. Still got the BooH exp. pack sitting here gathering dust. :-(

My graphical bugbear is Far Cry. When I first tried the demo. I only had a pipsqueak Radeon 9000 GPU installed. You can imagine the result. It played better with the Radeon 9600XT that replaced it, but it was still laggy. It was only when I eventually got a nVidia 7900GS that I finally got to crank up the settings and play it in it's full glory.


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