The original Sony Play station

  Simon Sudbury 28 Oct 10


Have acquired one of the original grey models (just going to let my son use it till he get's his new xbox at Christmas).

Have controllers, power lead, video cable and games but try as I may I can't get it to work. Mechanically it's sound but it's just got an RF cable rather than scart and when I plug that into the TV I get no output.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  DJ Techz 28 Oct 10

Have you retune your TV on analogue to find the frequency that PS1 is sending its signal on (if that makes sense)


  Simon Sudbury 29 Oct 10

Thanks for this.

My TV is digital (along with the majority). How would I retune to analogue in these circumstances?

Thanks again


  gengiscant 29 Oct 10

You will need to change the TV input to video.
click here

  Simon Sudbury 29 Oct 10

Many thanks but the connection cable just has a male aerial type cable at the end and not RCA style plugs. Plugging this into the TV aerial didn't work.

Can I get a cheap connector to either convert the aerial to an RCA plug or even a scart?


  gengiscant 29 Oct 10

Something like this click here
or this click here
this click here

  Simon Sudbury 29 Oct 10

Thanks very much

Will investigate

  Simon Sudbury 02 Nov 10

Hi again

Bought an adaptor in Maplins which converts the has four RCA plugs at one end (red, white, yellow and one other). My Panasonic Viera has a raft of sockets at the back but not this configuration! Therefore I stuck the plugs into a scrat adaptor and used that. This worked for a short while but now we just get a weird screen after the Sony message and it just freezes.

Is it possible that these old kits are just not compatible with scarts?

Is it common for the newer TV sockets not to include red, white and yellow? (can provide a photo but seems to be multiple green blue and white etc..)

  gengiscant 02 Nov 10

Can you provide a link to what you bought from Maplins.
My scart converter only had the red white and yellow sockets,I had few problems getting my play-station 1 going last year when I went a little retro for a short time, but eventually got it working.
You have had it working so you are doing something right.
I have just looked at the back of both my flat screen TV's and they also have the connections you speak of and of course the red/yellow/white sockets.

  Simon Sudbury 02 Nov 10


Thanks for your response. This is the cable I bought (click here). My TV does not have designated white yellow and red RCA sockets so I was forced to use the scart adaptor. What happens is that the Sony screen comes up but then you get a grey screen with a diagram of the Playstation and something that looks like a piano!! It's almost a message inviting you to press something but nothing you press on the controller works.

You just don't get the to the next Playstation screen and then the game. I thought it might be the scart that's worn but wonder know whether the cable is not compatible with scart.

It would also be interesting to know what the fourth connection was for??

Thanks again

  Simon Sudbury 02 Nov 10

Wrong link. Try again.
click here


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