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  Cp13 16 Jun 08

My son plays "Star Wars" online and he has just got a new PC

He says he is now unable to play the game online because the old PC has the settings and program files?

How can we get these to the new PC?


  crosstrainer 16 Jun 08

You would need the original installation media.

A CD or DVD.

  Cp13 16 Jun 08

How might this help?
He wants to retain the saved games from the old PC


  crosstrainer 16 Jun 08

1) Without a copy of the original CD / DVD, you can't install it on the new PC

2) Sometimes you can copy saved games from the folder on the older PC, but it's unlikely...They contain settings forgraphics resoloution, hardware, that will not match your new machine.

  kalignorgna 26 Jun 08

there are three ways to do this
1: this is by far the easyist way to swap files on hdd for the unexperianced. all you have to do is start up the old pc then insert a blank disk and copy the games folders in c: > Program Files to the blank disk. after you have intaled the game on the new pc just replace the game folder on the hard drive with the one on the disk and hey presto all the saves and settings from the old pc are now on the new

2 gost it using Hirrens boot cd or Ultimate boot cd

3 buy a IDE or SATA external hdd caddy open old pc remove hdd. put hdd in caddy and attach to new pc via usb cabble

  kalignorgna 26 Jun 08

forgot to add that if you use way two that you copy it to image (cd or usb hdd) other wise you will replace your new os with the one on the old pc also with way 3 it may be possable one the caddy with the old hdd is attached to play the game strait away affter setting up the dissplay correctley to work with the games settings.

  Cp13 26 Jun 08


Will try this


  Lukaduke 08 Jul 08

What crosstrainer said

  kalignorgna 09 Jul 08

any luck with files? also whats the operating system on old and new


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