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  allanon 24 Nov 08

I have played computer games since the humble Sinclair Spectrum, and I mean the 16K version. Anyway I am now thinking about going online- about time my son says. Anyway I believe that World of Warcraft is the No1, however a friend of mine swears that Guild Wars is far better and no monthly fees either. As a complete novice which game would be preferable to learn the ropes?. I note that there are several including Warhammer and Everquest 2,Lord of the Rings, etc.

  citadel 24 Nov 08

guild wars nightfall is good to start as there are ai henchmen at city's camps etc that you can hire to help you so its more like a single player and you get to know the ins and outs.

  wolfie3000 25 Nov 08

Read what i posted here if you want an excellent fantasy game,

click here

I used to hate these types of games but im now addicted.

  zimara 25 Nov 08

I can recommend Warhammer Online.

It's a very new MMO made by bliz and Mythic ent. Mythic are renowned for making good quality PvP games (i played DAoC for 4 years).

I plan to play this one for a while too and although its ealry days the game is shaping up nicely.

I've played wow also but this only held my interest for 2 years, the PvP was really bad so you had to grind endless high level dungeons for gear. The same tactics every time used - boring IMHO.

  IClaudio 30 Nov 08

Been playing WarHammer for a couple of weeks, and you can potter around solo, or join in with other players if you like. A unique feature is the Public Areas - here you can dive in and work toward a common goal (kill 30 Guards, for example) although after that, you are usually required to achieve a harder goal which will probably mean teaming up with other players. But all your experience points and treasure a re divided between all of you.

World of Warcraft was too full of uber-players, while WarHammer seems more down-to-earth (although the servers aren't exactly crowded yet...)


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