Noise levels on playstation 3?

  GRIDD 20:03 06 Sep 08

I have just been blasting away on the new 80GB model and it seems much louder than the 40GB model, but not as loud as the 60GB...

What has Sony done?

  GRIDD 17:51 07 Sep 08

Sending the 80GB back, having to have my TV at 60/100 volume to cancel the fan out wasn't acceptable.

  cluckinbell 12:45 12 Sep 08

The original 60 GB model is the best choice by far.

  GRIDD 00:11 23 Sep 08

I sent the 80GB back for refund and then bought again. The new 80GB that arrived today is as quiet as a mouse.

I joked to the wife I was gonna send it back because the fan isn't spinning it's that quiet!

If everyone hushes and the volume is muted you can hear the whirrs.

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