Ninja Gaiden II

  belfman 10 Jun 08

Has to be the best game I ever played. Fast moving, loads of action with enemies arms, legs and heads getting chopped off and blood spewing all over the screen with very. very gross detail!

Unbelievable - I love it!

  jakimo 10 Jun 08


  belfman 10 Jun 08

I find it pathetic that you felt the need to comment like that. Do I criticise you for your interests?

  jakimo 10 Jun 08

anyone who enjoys the sight of heads chopped off and blood spewing all over the screen,has a serious problem and should seek help

  belfman 10 Jun 08

It's a game, anyone that takes it seriously needs help.

  belfman 10 Jun 08

I suppose, as well, that anyone hitting 100 plus miles per hour in a Video Game needs penalty points and a fine?

  mrwoowoo 10 Jun 08

Just had a look at a gameplay trailer.
click here
Must say,not really my type of game.I think i would get controller cramp after about 5 mins of that.LoL
Still,can't deny that there's plenty of action.
Oh and take no notice of jakimo.He's a bit of a misery who seems to think we all have to be serious and only discuse topics that meet his approval.You can see what i mean by the first answer to one of my threads.
click here

  belfman 10 Jun 08

Who ever done that isn't upto much... and in a really dull bit too. See some youtube vids click here it's an No.3 in the charts not doing bad at all on the count of GTAIV and Grid racing game being more popular franchises.

  crosstrainer 11 Jun 08

Have you played the Call Of Duty series? Just asking as I have just got COD4. Pretty good so far.

In the absence of anything new for a while, I re-installed all the FEAR series too! Patch 1.08 adds wide screen support, and the game is insanely fast on this rig...Kind of gives it a new lease of life.

Have not installed Tomb Raider Anniversary yet, but may get a controller and have another go...Any ideas for a reasonable one?

  belfman 11 Jun 08

COD4 is excellent on PC but I am being convinced I should have it on 360 for the Live gaming.

Crosstrainer what's 'your rig'?

I can run COD4 full on a Q6600 and a an 8800GT 512MB, without apparent slowdown or freezing. Fear was a game I never liked though.

  crosstrainer 11 Jun 08

Rig is:

AMD Black Box 9600 Quad Core CPU
4GB Corsair DDR3 Ram
2x 8800GTX Graphics
2X 500GB sata hdd's
8.1 Surround sound
22" LCD Flat Panel

But the game runs fine on a much lower spech than this.


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