New PC

  darkhorse5559 07 Dec 08

I am looking at buying a new PC for games and general use. The one I was looking at was the Advent PQD5002 from Pc World and a graphics card at about £100. How well would this pc perform for new games and which graphics card should I get.


  citadel 07 Dec 08

you need to find out if it has a pci express slot, if it has a ati 4850 card is good.

  darkhorse5559 07 Dec 08

I looked around and I think it has pci express

  retep888 08 Dec 08

If you can find out if it has pci-express slot and supports pci-express 2.0x16, then this one
click here
or click here are good enough.

  darkhorse5559 08 Dec 08

Those cards look great. I will probably get that one but will i need a more powerful PSU. I don't know which psu comes with this pc as the description on the site is quite basic (click here) and I can't find any other information on this pc.

  mrwoowoo 08 Dec 08

Phone pc world and ask them which psu it has.

  darkhorse5559 08 Dec 08

After finding the pc world support site which has much more detailed specs of the pc, I found that it has a TLM725 case (click here) which contains a ATX 250-350W power supply.

  darkhorse5559 08 Dec 08

Also the motherboard has 1 PCI-E x16

  citadel 08 Dec 08

you will need a better psu. 550 to 650 of the best quality you can afford.

  darkhorse5559 09 Dec 08

Would this one be alright click here ?
Also would this computer with the graphics card an psu be any good for gaming?


  citadel 09 Dec 08

4830 and the psu are ok. you can get a better quality psu later.


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