New NVidia GTX 295 overheating issues

  TheyCallUsLegion 16:23 25 May 15

So I recently upgraded from my crappy graphics card to an Nvidia GTX 295 as it was affordable and runs the games which I wanna play at a good quality. However a couple of hours after installing I boot up skyrim to test out my new card and about 10 minutes into playing the whole screen goes black and then the whole PC crashes. I didn't receive any error message as to why this happened upon reboot so I looked about on the internet and found that it may be due to the gpu overheating so to solve this I downloaded MSI afterburner so I could set my fans to run at a higher speed hoping that this would solve the problem. Well it didn't so I decided to watch my temperatures whilst playing to see if it matched up. After watching afterburner whilst playing skyrim I noticed that it only ever got to 58C before the black screen occurs. I'm assuming that the black screen is an autoshutdown caused by the gpu getting too hot but 58C doesn't seem all that hot to me? So the question is, is this an issue I can solve without improving the cooling in my system or is that my only option?

  Devil Fish 00:07 13 Jun 15

58c is not to hot could be a faulty card another thing to look at are you using the MS drivers or have you downloaded latest driver from Nvidia if running ms driver from operating system download latest from Nvidia MS driver not the best

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