New Custom Build Gamer PC

  Noob101 13:44 PM 11 Nov 10

Hi all,

Just looking for a bit of advice, i'm looking to get a brand new custom build pc, mainly to play online games with a mind to be able to play the new COD Black Ops at high end resolution and frame rate.

My budget is around 2 grand does anyone have any recommendations for custom builders in the UK? And any recommendations for specific requirements i should be concerned about, other than graphics card, ram, etc...


  gengiscant 14:32 PM 11 Nov 10
  gartoy 22:23 PM 27 Nov 10
  wolfie3000 01:10 AM 28 Nov 10

If its FPS games your looking to play then an accurate mouse is essential.

Save some money from your budget to buy the best you can afford, the mouse is often overlooked when building a gaming rig.

Go for a mouse designed especially for gaming,

I myself use a Logitech MXlaser.

The mouse can mean life or death in FPS games,
Last thing you want is trying to get off a 500FT sniper shot and missing, giving your position away.

Also make sure the mouse has extra buttons that you can assign to different actions in game, I myself use the extra buttons for changing weapons so im not fumbling to change a weapon, or assign a button to reload,
A fast reload is key to playing any FPS game.


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