new 6xxx series launched!

  valkia 21 Oct 10

Just saw this on overclockers forums :D

click here

  Colin 22 Oct 10

Good news. This should reduce the cost of the 5 Series and I can replace my 4890 sooner than expected.

  gengiscant 22 Oct 10

I wouldn't rush to replace your 4890 unless you are going to buy a top end 5 series,your card still out performs some 5' here

  Colin 22 Oct 10

gengiscant - thanks for the link. I'm considering the 5850 as the 5870 & 5890 are out of my price range. I'll probably leave it until the New Year and monitor prices in the meantime.

  donki 25 Oct 10

I got the 4890 and it does all i want an absolute beast of a card I cant see me replacing it for a while certainly not for a 5XXX.

  Colin 25 Oct 10

I must admit that 4890 is very good. I can run all the games I have very well at 1920x1200 on my 24" monitor.

However, I like to upgrade when I can so I'll keep an eye on the situation.

  ams4127 25 Oct 10

I'm staying with my 4890 too. Does what I want in Flight Simming and can see no reason to change for quite some time.

  Coltch 26 Oct 10

I'm looking at the 6870 to replace my 4850 - should see a very nice improvement (not that many of the games I play struggle at the moment).

  gengiscant 28 Oct 10

Sorry. click here

  AL47 07 Nov 10

im sticking with my 5870, i only paid 200 for it, and everything plays at max

  Colin 08 Nov 10

AL47 - where did you get your 5870 from? I can't find one cheaper than £275.


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