Need some help and advice

  Haytch 21:28 13 Mar 17

I am looking at buy a starter PC rig secondhand from gumtree and was wondering if the specs for the PC are good for the asking price, and also I would like some help for if I do purchase the Rig what upgrades should I make? Also I am worried as I don't want to spend money on something that is useless.


  Forum Editor 22:27 13 Mar 17

If you told us what the specs were, we might be able to offer an opinion.

  Haytch 22:54 13 Mar 17

Specs: Intel i7 950 @ 3.07GHz 6Gb ddr3 RAM Nvidia Geforce gt430 Corsair 600 psu and water cooler Asus mobo 1TB WD hdd with fresh install on win7 (key included) 21" samsung monitor

  Forum Editor 11:05 15 Mar 17

And the asking price is?

  Haytch 16:45 15 Mar 17


  Archonar 20:14 15 Mar 17

Personally I would say no as you can get much better modern systems for a similar price- if this is related to the post that you have added about a gaming pc then you will definitely need to upgrade the GPU which adds about £150 to the cost if you go for something like a 1060. Even if that is all you change then it already costs £750.

The processor is also very old so won't include technologies like hyperthreading, it therefore produces benchmark scores below modern I3 processors on cpubenchmark.

I think that for a similar amount you can definitely find a much better PC.

  Haytch 02:00 16 Mar 17

Ok thanks for the help

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