Need some advice on a Gaming PC

  DannyFeates 20:58 22 Jul 10

Okay im on a budget for my birthday and im looking to buy a decent but cheap gaming computer heres a link to the Gaming PC that im currently looking at (Just click summarize on the left)

click here

Can you just tell me your opinion on how good you think it can run? Im looking to play latest games like MW2.

  gengiscant 09:03 23 Jul 10

Looking at the specs I am first drawn to the 2 graphics cards which have +10 after 1 and +42 after the other,is this an extra charge? if so why? as in the main parts choice list these figures are not present.
Apart from that I would probably go for 1 5770 rather than 2 5450's

What is your overall budget?

  DannyFeates 19:22 23 Jul 10

My budget is around £500.

Thanks for your help so far

  gengiscant 11:36 25 Jul 10

Are you willing to build it yourself?

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