Need help on upgrading my graphics card!

  dazhutch6 01:12 27 Feb 13

I just recently bought a new PC from PC World, ADVENT DT2412. I'm not too good with understanding all the jargon but to my understanding it was a good PC in terms of its capabilities. However I have just discovered the graphics card for the PC is pretty poor compared to the rest of the specs and reading around I saw the GTX660 is meant to be a better match. Any ideas on other graphics cards to get or whether this one I've seen would even work on my current PC? Many thanks.

  Zeldarawwk 01:39 27 Feb 13


Looking at your PC it would be compatible with the GTX 660, along with most other video cards out there.

If you are looking to use your PC for gaming, then the GTX 660 is a decent card to get and would handle most games very well. The card itself will cost around £200 but if your willing to spend more then feel free to buy the GTX 680 or GTX 690 as they will last the longest in terms of being able to cope with high-end games. Personally I would recommend the GTX 680 but if that's out of your budget, then the 660 is still a great card to buy.

  dazhutch6 01:45 27 Feb 13

When I bought the PC I thought it looked too good to be true so yeah the graphics card was slacking. I think for the mean time the GTX660 should do me good although is there much difference between the other two that you recommended? Also i heard that the power supply could cause problems or do you think that mine should be able to cope with it already? Much appreciated for the quick response!

  Chronos the 2nd 17:23 27 Feb 13

I would not bother with either the 680 or the 690 unless I had a lot of cash to spend. The 660 is not a bad card but the 670 is far better and only a little slower than the 680.

Have a look at this site for graphic card comparisons.Anandtech

  dazhutch6 22:06 27 Feb 13

Ok so my final query is that how do i chose what brand of graphics card to get and how much will it make a difference? For example, eVGA, Gigabyte?

  Chronos the 2nd 07:48 28 Feb 13

Evga are probably one of the better companies to deal with as they have fantastic warranty and customer service. But good manufacturers also include Sapphire,Asus,Gigabyt. But do your research on your chosen GPU,read the reviews perhaps come back here and ask for opinions.

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