My New Gaming Computer

  Bioshox 03 Aug 08

64x Bit Windows Vista Home Premium
AMD Phenom Quad Core 2.2GHz (Total Clock Speed 8.8GHz)
2GB Corsair RAM (With Heatsink)
Gigabyte Motherboard
ATi Radeon 3200 (VGA Onboard [Temporary])
1x Sharkoon Rear Fan & 1x Cooler Master Front Fan & Side Fan

Boots into the logon screen in exactly 52 seconds (From the second i pushed the button the the logon screen)


Without Side Panel:

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

With Side Panel:

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  crosstrainer 03 Aug 08

As soon as it has a decent graphics card in it it will revile my Phenom lol!

I've got 2 8800GTX's in mine and 4gb ram, but you could go for the new 280? At least you would only need one :))

  mrwoowoo 03 Aug 08

I take it,that since you've decided to tell us all about it,you must be very pleased with it.
It looks nice i must say and i hope you have many months of fun with your new purchase.
As a matter of interest,what PSU do you have and what graphics card do you intend to go for?
Any gaming planned?

  crosstrainer 03 Aug 08

It won't be doing much with that onboard chip yet, that's for sure :))

  Bioshox 03 Aug 08


Well my power supply is a Win Power 450W PSU
And i dont know what model but an ATi, With Crossfire

I will post more infomation once i have it!

  mrwoowoo 03 Aug 08

You will need to watch what card you go for with that power supply though.
Most reasonable cards require at least a 450w PSU.

  citadel 03 Aug 08

that psu appears to be a very cheap one, if you are getting a 4870 card you need a decent psu.

  Coltch 04 Aug 08

Wait for the 4870 X2 to appear and put 2 of them in for Crossfire X - should knock the socks off anything!.

Out of interest what size screen are you using - anything less than 24" is a waste for Crossfire/SLI.

The PSU as stated is not good enough if you plan to go down the crossfire route, try getting a decent branded 700+w PSU (OCZ, Coolermaster, etc.).

My CM 850W PSU has enough juice to keep 2 x HD2900XT's happy (well just about!)

  Bioshox 04 Aug 08

19" HD TV

Also, Will that power supply not be enough to power, or just what you guys think is not good enough

As I dont want to spend money on things I DON'T need.


  crosstrainer 04 Aug 08

I would advise you to upgrade that PSU to a 650watt of good quality, such as an antec, hiper or the like. Cheap generic PSU's which claim to be 700 watt+ are inferior to a quality brand. My own favourite is Hiper, and whilst they don't come cheap, they do what they say on the box.

This one is running the spec I posted above without any issues at all (added to the mix are 2x 500GB hdd's and 2x DVDRW drives) so it has a lot to do.

In short, you get what you pay for.


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