Multi screen flight sim

  tigertop2 17:35 27 Jan 10

Can anyone please point me at a link that tells me how to set up Multiscreen for Microsoft FSX? I plan to use 3 HD 22/24"screens running off my Asus P6T core i7-920 set up which has 2 ATI 1GB 4870 GPUs running in Crossfire. The OS is Windiows 7 64bit. I am totally unfamiliar with setting up 3 screens but it should be possible with this set up. I think!

  gengiscant 14:26 28 Jan 10

This any help? click here

  tigertop2 14:56 28 Jan 10

Many thanks Gengiscant. I have printed that lot off and will have a study of it all. Funny, I must have been browsing all around that info without pinning it down

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