Midrange Gaming PC help?

  Khorner17 23 Jun 13

Hi there, I'm looking for some assistance in choosing how best to upgrade my gaming experience. I'm currently sitting on a 24 inch 1080p samsung monitor and beside it a 19 inch that I use for web browsing and video playback, I never use it in games.

My specs are:

XFX Radeon 6870 1gb GPU

8150 Bulldoxer 3.6ghz 8 core CPU.

Kingston 4GB DDR3 1600Mhz x2 RAM.

Asus M5A78L/USB3 Motherboard.

PSU- a CIT 750 watt, I intend to upgrade this as soon as possible, people tell me I should avoid cheap brands, so I'm getting a corsair.

I have £250 to spend on upgrading this system, what do you guys think? I'm looking for any suggestion, be it new screen or graphics card, but mostly my intentions are gaming. I want something that is going to impact my framerate or visuals substantially.

  Forum Editor 24 Jun 13

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  Chronos the 2nd 24 Jun 13

Good idea on the PSU as the CIT is absolute rubbish.You do not say what operating system you are using.

Monitor is fine and as you have just £250 to spend I think we are looking at a GPU upgrade.

What sort of games are you looking to play as this can have a bearing on what GPU to suggest.

  Khorner17 26 Jun 13

Running windows 7 atm, windows 8 caused some problems so I ended up going back.

I've clocked onto an OCZ 500watt PSU, seems like a reliable brand and there's positive reviews. I tend to play the most intense games on the market, mostly shooters, simulators or MMO's. ATI 7950 looks like a decent card.

  Chronos the 2nd 26 Jun 13

The 7950 would have been my suggestion although there is nothing wrong with your choice of PSU can I suggest perhaps going for 600-650W as that will a bit of headroom and your PSU will need two 6 pin connections for the HD7950 GPU.


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