memory problems

  Sorrowful 23 Nov 08

am becoing a regular on here...

new software, new problem....

World in conflict...
Having got over the securerom rubbish, now it says Fatal error - not enough memory to run application. close running prgrammes and try again..

Under can you run it, I beat even the recomended specs. have 4 gig ram, loads of hard disc space, fast procesor and graphics etc, windows XP should be fine.

Gone into task manager and cut down the prgrammes running to about 35, butmy CPU runs at 50 per cent most of the time. Have defragged, updated my drivers etc.

This PC is going in the bin soon.... and advice?

  mrwoowoo 24 Nov 08

May be a problem with certain Nvidia cards.
Download the latest driver for your graphics card and then play the game on the lowest possible settings.
If it runs ok,then you can gradually increase the game settings until it crashes again.
Also the latest patch should be downloaded.
click here

  Sorrowful 24 Nov 08

Honestly, this PC is going out of the window....

Ok,my drivers are up to date.

When I downlaod the patch the PC doesn't know what to open it with.

Its a setup.exe file and the web tells me not to run it, or how to open it.

I am sick of this..... damn PCs. :-)

  Sorrowful 24 Nov 08

Finally got thepatch to download and install properly...... same problem though...

  Sorrowful 24 Nov 08

Ran cacheman to optimise my memory.... same problem...

  mrwoowoo 24 Nov 08

A few people are having the same problems on this forum.May be something here to help you.
click here

  Sorrowful 25 Nov 08

Thanks man - I really appreciate everyone's help. Unfortunately that solution is for Windows Vista and I am on XP. Judging by the forum it also does not work in a lot of cases. How computer games manufacturers get away with this I dont know. They give you minimum specs, you meet them on a standard machione that plays all other software and itsimply does not work. As for product support on this title - forget it. Its scandalous...
And other suggestions... they are much appreciated


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