Mass Effect

  Marko797 11 Jun 08

Anyone know anything about this RPG, or playing it? Has some good reviews, but here's a link to the game info click here

  citadel 11 Jun 08

it has a 92% classic review score in pc zone mag. customer reviews at amazon seem to be 5 stars or 1 star.

  mrwoowoo 11 Jun 08

Another on my to buy list.
Basically a 3rd person shooter with options.
Looks good,though i don't like the way everything stops whilst you change weapons.
Gameplay footage.
click here

  Marko797 11 Jun 08

mrwoowoo, it detracts from any 'realism'

  mrwoowoo 27 Jun 08

Well,despite the glowing reviews,i wish i had waited for Alone in the dark.Usually i like 3rd person shooters/rpg,but not this.
The cut sceens are excellent quality but the ingame graphics are awful.Far too cartoony.
Massive circles instead of nice small neat crosshairs and large triangles showing you where an enemy is. So large that you are virtualy shooting a floating triangle.
No attempt at realism at all.Hopefully someone will tell me that you can turn these off,so i had better have a look.
Going by the reviews i must be the only one who doesn't like it.Just my taste i suppose.)O:!

  AllThumbs 27 Aug 08

Have to disagree Mrwoowoo. I'm playing ME and I've loved every minute of it (ok maybe the first couple of sessions were less loved because I tried to go too fast and use a jack of all trades character).

That said I love scifi, enjoy story driven stuff, and rate a being there experience over fancy graphics. Sure its a xbox360 port and as such suffers from jaggies and kind of clumsy graphics, but take control of the levelling up of your crew rather than just autoing it and the game becomes great fun. Scifi thriller, rpg, fps rolled into one. I even like the ability to pause in combat as it lets you direct your comrades (who are fairly naff at combat but good at running interference for you).

Incidentally Alone in the dark is suffering big negs in the reviews I've read so far.

  mrwoowoo 27 Aug 08

I have to agree with you.
After completing the game,i find i thoroughly enjoyed it.
It took a while to get into,but the storyline,characters and even the weapons upgrades all added to the experience .
And the combat system wasn't too bad when i got used to it.
I should have given it a bit longer before writing it off.)O:!

  crosstrainer 28 Aug 08

Was waiting for your input on Alone In The Dark...Will not buy it now :)

  mrwoowoo 28 Aug 08

You're right, i can't be trusted.
Well,not until i've finished a game first.


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