Level 120 bosses, (Perfect World)

  wolfie3000 07:03 12 Jul 09

Im having alot of problems killing a group of level 120 bosses,

They are located at Hill of Scented south of Ancient Dragon city.

They are called Boobies and can repel any attack i throw at them,
Iv tryed to use the catapult that's next to them but as i said no attack works and i end up dying.

Theres around 15 of them in a group, so any ideas on how i should kill them, i have a catapult scroll now but they just end up destroying the catapult and me.

Iv tried various Perfect World forums but with no luck.

Heres a picture of them.
click here

I need to get this quest done in a hurry.

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:44 12 Jul 09

"You have been killed by boobies"

What a way to go :-)

  wolfie3000 08:09 13 Jul 09

LOL yeh i tryed to avoid jokes like that but it sure was an interesting way to go.

Anyhow i knew it was a longshot posting in here for an answer but i finally defeated them.

Seems i had the catapult pointing the wrong way round,
I do feel a bit foolish for not realising that.

Right onto the next adventure...

  mrwoowoo 18:41 13 Jul 09

"Seems i had the catapult pointing the wrong way round"
Show me someone who doesn't have those DOH! ingame moments from time to time and i'll show you a big fat liar.
It just takes a man to admit it.(O:!

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