Laptop that will play sims 2

  ELLIE2010 16:11 03 Jan 10

Hi all,
I am looking to purchase a Laptop that can play the sims 2 game. My bugject is £350 And to be honest thats the only game i play.

I havnt a clue what laptop to buy as i have no idea about laptops.

I was looking at the laptop (link below) in Currys would it be any good?

click here=

Thanks all
Ellie xx

  mrwoowoo 19:03 03 Jan 10

According to this forum click here
it will play Sims 2 ok or even Sims 3 on the lowest settings.
I assume the GL40 ghipsets ( which this laptop has) all have the GMA 4500M GPU. If so you're good to go.
You could ask instore.
Be aware it won't play too much else though.

  Patrik 10:46 10 Jan 10

Yeah,The Sims as good game.Especially The Sims 3.

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