keyboard katasrophe!

  podlod 25 Mar 11

Hi, I am trying to purchase a certain keyboard, but it must be a british keyboard, as a french keyboard has its digits in an alternate position. As i am living in France there is only the french version if I want buy, so I have tried to order from Amazon and they then refer me to their traders name which are, yes you have guessed.... French.I feel like bashing my head against a brick wall as they proceed to repeat the same info everytime. I have tried various manufacturers, but their prices are to high and ask a phenominal amount for postage. Any help please in this dilemma?

  Kevscar1 26 Mar 11

Have you tried
Is the postage higher than a daytrip back to the UK. If it is try an internet search for a shop seling it in Dover or whereever you would land here.

  podlod 26 Mar 11

Thanks kevscar, but that is well over a days drive up for me, but your right, post would be cheaper, somewhat a dilemma for me, but thanks again.

  Kevscar1 26 Mar 11

Whats the keyboard you are after

  wolfie3000 26 Mar 11

Do you have family who could buy it in England then can post it to you in France?

  podlod 26 Mar 11

Hi Kevscar, the keyboard I want is called IDEAZON MERC STEALTH, but the post is over £20!
Wolfie yes I have family.....but!

  podlod 26 Mar 11

I must admit I am unable to use the keyboard at the moment, but in a couple of months time I hope to be ok.


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