Is it legal to bet online?

  iamsuperman 17 Jun 10

Is it legal to bet online? I was about to bet on click here with real money but was not sure.

Any advise?

  Kevscar1 17 Jun 10

Being inherently suspcious I have no intention of clicking your link, but just in case you are genuine due you think there would be all those TV adds if it were illegal.

  Graphicool1 20 Aug 10

You were right to be suspiscious...

With the cursor hovering over the 'click here', it say's 'click here'

  Graphicool1 20 Aug 10


  gengiscant 20 Aug 10

Its an online poker site click here.

  gengiscant 20 Aug 10

Didn't mean to post a direct link. = poker site. Based in Malta seemingly.

  Forum Editor 22 Aug 10

it's an online poker site, as gengiscant says.

It's perfectly legal to play online poker in this country, but bear in mind that some banks have a policy of disallowing credit card payments to online poker sites.

  helen82 29 Sep 10

In my opinion, There's no law banning bet online. Even though it is one of cheating models. So betting on line is considered as a legal game.

  OTT_B 05 Oct 10

I can see a multitude of problems in your response this this (rather old) thread, but maybe you could explain what you mean by a 'cheating model'?


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