Instaling AOE on win7 ?

  EARLR 28 Mar 11

Do I have to run as. If so How?

  gengiscant 28 Mar 11

Any chance of a few more details as I for one have not got a clue what you are on about.

  EARLR 28 Mar 11

Loaded it but wont play.
worked fine on vista & xp
colors are wrong.
Heard that you have to "run as"
Dont know how.

  ams4127 28 Mar 11

Right click the .exe file, select properties then compatability tab and select which OS you want to run the programme with.

  EARLR 29 Mar 11

will try that

  EARLR 29 Mar 11

tried compat.for XP .Says something about not having "direct draw"

  EARLR 29 Mar 11

Upon further research I have found that W7 Does not support "Direct Draw" Making it incompatible with many games that require it.
Anyone have a fix? I don't want to throw out my old games.


  ordep 29 Mar 11

Age of Empires

  ams4127 29 Mar 11

What graphics card are you using, and are the drivers up to date?

  ams4127 29 Mar 11

Try here

  gengiscant 30 Mar 11



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