How do I assess computer Power supplies

  Baslar 06 Dec 11

I am not well informed regarding computer hardware so can anybody enlighten me about power supplies?

My power supply is marked 250volts - 6 amps which I think makes it 1500watts total. I am proposing to fit a new grahics card that requires two 12volt supplies at 38 amps.

How do I assess if that is available from my power supply? Do I simply divide the total wattage by the number of leads assuming each one is 12 volts?

Thanks Baslar

  ordep 06 Dec 11

Theres plenty of these around

  Baslar 07 Dec 11


Thanks for your reply.

Ah yes, I can see there is a lot more to this than I first thought. My information regarding my current PSU was also grossly incorrect. I have now discovered that my 1500watts was wildly out and in fact it is 500watts which probably won't be enough for this g/card. I have a vague memory of the fact that AC power is different to DC, and root mean square comes to mind but that's as far as I go.

I have also dicovered that I was wrong about the leads all being 12vdc, some are, some are not. What I need to know is this. This 560Ti g/card comes with two split power connection leads, i.e. two normal power connectors going to a single connector on the g/card. The card requires two of these. Does that mean that the power is split also? 12volts at 38amps twice is the requirement. So does that mean each connector carries 19amps?

By now you are no doubt thinking this guy needs pro help and no doubt you are right!

Cheers, Baslar

  KRONOS the First 08 Dec 11

It would help if you could post the make of your PSU, but to try and answer your questions. The 500W PSU is more than enough for your 560Ti GPU. If your PSU does not come with 2 PCI-E connectors then you will have to use the twin Molex to PCI-E connector to power your GPU.

But this is not ideal and I would advise upgrading your PSU to one that does come with the necessary connectors so you do not have to resort to the Molex adapters. Something like this. PSU.


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