Hidden object games

  woody 06 Aug 11

I realise these may be a bit slow for you young guys but what is the best hidden object game? Any sites where they are (legaly) available free? I did try a search on this site in case the question had been asked but got - error.

  gengiscant 07 Aug 11

I think you will be toiling to find H.O.G's free, the decent ones anyway, as for the best go and have a look at Bigfish: Games you can try most of the games for about an hour before you need to buy. My good lady has hundreds as she absolutely loves them. Me,I can play for a while then I get bored.

  woody 07 Aug 11

Gengiscant - i to have quite a few - all free - but non that i think could not be improved.I also get bored quickly but i live in hope of finding a very good one.Thanks for confirming what i thought.

  Graphicool1 16 Aug 11


CLICK HERE...This is 'GameHouse' every day they have a free game, more often than not it's a 'Hidden Object'. If you register with them, You can download and keep it and play it as often as you like. They also sell games cheap etc. Go and give them a look, i'm registered with them, so is my wife. She is still keen on them. I still play them on occasion, but I don't get the time I used to.

  peppie 03 Oct 11

There are also a bunch hidden object games in flash, some are real fun to play. Take al look at these games: Hidden object games


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