Help with a new Graphic card

  Zerker23 15:08 27 Jan 15

I dont know if here is the right section to post it,but if is not,im sorry.I have this pc : i5-3470 cpu @ 3.20 hz,8 gb ram, motherboard - B75 Pro3-M, 650 power source(nox urano vx),and im wondering if this Gigabyte GeForce GTX 780 OC 3GB GDDR5 will work on this pc that i have ? Because right now,i have a gforce 630 and is garbage,cant play nothing new.Can anyone that knows really well answer? Thank you so much.

  Devil Fish 23:25 29 Jan 15

you can put a gtx 780 in however it will not run to its full potential on that board.if you are planning to upgrade board at some stage drop a 780 in if your not planning to upgrade board may be worth looking at the GTX 770 very capable card that will give mid to high settings on current games but cheaper than GTX 780

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