reflexin1080p 19:10 02 May 15

I need help guys my dad just gave me his old pc but there's a problem , I'm pritty sure it won't run the Games I want it to. First off its got Windows Vista which I know is a pain in the ass. Then the graphics card it's a nividia GeForce 7050 The ram is awfull 2gb 320 gb of hard drive space The processor is an Intel core quad 2 and I belive 7500rpm I want to run CSGO and Arma 2

  mrwoowoo 19:47 09 May 15

You seem to be confused over your system components. I think your GPU is onboard graphics. And limited info on your CPU. If you click on the start button at bottom left of your screen then on control panel then system it will show your proccesor and memory there. Whilst there click on device manager, then on the arrow next to display adapters, and this will show your graphics card. I think CSGO will run at lowish settings ok, but not Arma 2. But will need to see your proper specs to be sure.

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