Half Life ever again ?

  iscanut2 12:47 09 Jul 12

Does anyone in the know have any knowledge if a further Half Life game is in the pipeline ?

  KRONOS the First 14:41 09 Jul 12

Half Life 2 Episode 3 next year I believe.

  iscanut2 16:47 09 Jul 12

Thanks Chronus..It's the only game I have ever really enjoyed after Doom & Quake.

  KRONOS the First 16:58 09 Jul 12

Try dead space 2,great game.Or for something a little more unusual try Alice: Madness Returns, very challenging the first time around, not so bad the second time as you keep all your weapons upgrades.

Just finished Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines, not bad. Trine and Trine 2 and Rochard all on Steam for a few quid. I was quite surprised because I really enjoyed these games. Sniper Ghost Warrior. OK

  CommandJG 02:20 13 Aug 12

I'm waiting for Half Life 2 too. Agree with Chronus, Dead Space 2 was great.

  Rooney85 03:44 14 Aug 12

Hello Chronus :D Madness Returns seems really interesting. Could you please tell more?

  smithdown10 07:34 15 Aug 12

@J_olson99 Half Life 2 was released in 2004, and was followed by 2 smaller 'Episodes' in 2006 amd 2007. They are all breathtaking examples of story driven gameplay and still look great, despite now being pretty old. There are lots of similar first person shooter games out there now, thanks to Half Life's huge influence on the genre. Check out the forthcoming game 'Dishhonored', due in October this year, which is designed by the main designer of Halflife 2.

Halflife 3 is one of the most anticipated titles ever, and is now almost a standing joke in the gaming community for being delayed due to the development philosophy of Valve (who make the game) which has become known as 'Valve Time'.


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