GTR Evolution or GRID

  iqs 13:55 15 Jan 09


I'm after a decent PC racing game,out of the two listed in the title,which one would you buy?.


  roddypoddy 18:47 15 Jan 09

Grid=arcade,unrealistic handling,though very pretty.
GTR Evo=simulation,still nice looking,and with a host of extras,tracks,cars mods etc available for download.
try googling for Gtr Evo add-ons and see what pops up.

  roddypoddy 18:49 15 Jan 09

click here
click here
There you go.

  iqs 21:36 15 Jan 09

Thanks for the help and links roddypoddy,cheers

  Esc4p3 09:09 16 Jan 09

I don't think that the handling is unrealistic in GRID, although I must admit I have never driven a Nissan Skyline at 120mph through wet Japanese streets at night ;-) I really enjoy the game, I find the cars handle differently and there is a learning curve like there is with any game, plus GRID is only £14.99 now. I have never played GTR Evolution so cannot comment on that one.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:17 16 Jan 09

I've not yet tried GTR Evolution but, have spent many hours playing GTR2, it's in a different class to other racing games, far superior.

I tried the Gridd demo, compared to GTR2 it is utter rubbish, like a rather poor arcade game. If you want a good racing sim, leave it well alone.

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