GTA6 news

  lhalfman 08:43 23 Aug 12

I heard you can play tennis on it lol anybody else know any more information?

  Jakeyatkin 15:47 06 Oct 12

If you want gta 5 news you might want to subscribe to olli43 on the YouTube, he puts up the latest news and also what he wants to see in the game. I couldn't recommend more

  highQ 17:19 20 Oct 12

The trailer of gta6 lock nice !

  SeiyaIkki 14:31 25 Oct 12

Looks nice, I can't wait to play it

  jennam 07:32 27 Dec 12

You mean gta 5 or 6? Premiere of GTA 5 will be in March. And trailer looks really nice: enter link description here

  Vain 15:02 31 Dec 12

They're making a GTA6? Damn.. another game series that's never gonna stop

  jennam 07:18 02 Jan 13

I admit, that it's great game, but GTA 5 is not available yet, so i don't see a point of making GTA 6 :P

  jennam 06:55 03 Jan 13

This link is not working on my PC

  jonasmarsh621 07:48 03 Jan 13

I don't know about the GTA 6 but I have seen the GTA 5 and it is awesome. Perfect for gamers such as myself who loves to play these kinds of games.

  jemyclarke 11:39 15 Feb 13

Grand Theft Auto is really interesting games. I love it's graphics and It is very easy to play. I have heard about GTA 5 but I have never play this game. I am very exciting to play GTA5 then after I will think about GTA6.

  Devil Fish 00:06 01 Mar 13

The trailer link is for GTA 5 would not have thought 6 in pipeline yet as 5 has been pushed back for september release on consoles


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