Graphics card suggestions

  Rorkhill 29 Jun 11

My computer's graphics card died a short while ago so I decided to upgrade. I just needed some help on what you would suggest for my set up. I would like to run new games on high settings and have a budget of about £100-200, however if I can steer away from the £200 mark that would help me a lot. My last card was a 1GB GeForce 9800GT. I saw this 2GB card but I'm unsure about it because of its low price and high memory. Seems like it must fall short in some other way at this price. Also I use 1440x900 resolution but my monitor is capable of 1080i. Thanks in advance.

  gengiscant 30 Jun 11

Always useful to mention your motherboard, the card you have selected is an excellent card, but there is little point in a top spec GPU if the rest of your pc is crap.

You are making a big leap from the 9800GT to the 560, you will need to factor in your power supply which should be at least 550w.

If you want to post the rest of your PC specs or make/model I'll hopefully give you a better answer.

  Rorkhill 30 Jun 11

Thanks for the reply. I have 3GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.40GHZ processor, 750W PSU and Gigabyte G41M Combo Mobo.

  gengiscant 30 Jun 11

Your chip is probably the Core™ 2 Quad Q6600 and you have plenty of power,though if it is a cheap PSU that might not be the case,all in all the card you have chosen should be fine with the rest of your components.

  Rorkhill 30 Jun 11

Yep it's the Q6600. The PSU isn't the best but worked well in the past. I think I will upgrade that too though just to be sure. Thanks for your help!

  ICF 01 Jul 11

This looks a good card and same price as your selection but the card is overclocked with a better cooler


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