Good gaming PC for £350

  Game Addict 26 Nov 12

Hi everyone I have been thinking about trying to make my own gaming PC instead of buying a pre built one so can anyone suggest a really good build that is good for gaming. Does not need any monitor, keyboard, mouse, mouse mat, speakers or headset. Also is this a good idea for me since I have never built my own PC before.

  Chronos the 2nd 27 Nov 12

Hi, I am sorry to say you will really struggle to build a decent gaming PC for £350 you would struggle with £500.

As for building a PC it is a great idea as you learn a lot from putting components together, installing Windows and finally seeing it boot up for the first time.

But as I have said you are going to struggle.

  Game Addict 27 Nov 12

As you have said that I will struggle trying to build a gaming PC I might just go with the HP desktop. But do you know if AMD processor and AMD graphics card work better if they are both together.Here is desktop

  Chronos the 2nd 28 Nov 12

Not a PC I would choose as PC World tend not to use the best components but do charge a high price.

In answer to your question, it makes no difference if CPU and graphics card are the AMD But your link to the HP has a Radeon HD 7570 which is a renamed 6570 and I think you can do better for that sort of cash.

But that would mean buying online which obviously is different than goinhg into the store and getting a PC.

  Game Addict 28 Nov 12

If I was to sell the graphics card on it how much do you think it would be worth and do you know any good £100 graphics cards for gaming. If there is a graphics card for a bit more than a £100 put it in aswell.

  Chronos the 2nd 28 Nov 12

I am not sure about the price,I'll make inquiries and get back to you.

  Chronos the 2nd 28 Nov 12

As far as I can make out the HD 7570 in the HP PC is a rebadged HD 6570 and worth very little. It could be something similar to one of these.


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