Is this good enough for playing Planetside 2

  Game Addict 22 Nov 12

Hello everyone I will be getting a new computer at Christmas and I really want the game Planetside 2 cause it is sort of inbetween Battlefield 3 and Halo 4 with amazing graphics and 2000 players! So is this computer powerful enough for it. Desktop PC Specifications Monitor Specifications

  Chronos the 2nd 23 Nov 12

To be honest I think you can do better for your money. Plus I would not buy from PC world.

What is your total budget and I assume you need a monitor? What about speakers ,a mouse and keyboard?

  Game Addict 23 Nov 12

The maximum that I will be spending is £500 and I will actually be getting it on Christmas Day or Boxing Day to get a big sale on it, possibly up to £250 off desktops at PC World PC World Boxing Day 2011 Sale. Getting the Desktop and monitor in a bundle pack is £719.99 and if £250 is taken off it will be £469.99. That will leave me with £30.01 which should be enough for a headset or speakers. I think PC comes with a mouse and keyboard.

  Chronos the 2nd 23 Nov 12

OK I see. Well go for it then.It certainly has not got the best gaming graphics card but I cannot see anything better on the PC World website.

  jonasmarsh621 24 Nov 12

Saving for the Christmas season is what I do to get my much needed computer parts.


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