gaming isp

  harps1h 20:56 09 Sep 10

I play bfbc2 and recently my adsl24 connection speeds have dropped from 7mb to less than 1mb particularly in the evenings. so i am in the hunt for a gaming isp who will guarentee low latency for my games.

any suggestions

  gengiscant 08:38 10 Sep 10

Have a look at Be broadband

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:11 10 Sep 10

No ISP can guarantee low latency for online games. Your ISP has no control over the route taken between you and your game server. It is this route which controls your latency.

  harps1h 18:28 10 Sep 10

unfortunatley BE don't cover Northern Ireland

  Kevscar1 08:54 11 Sep 10

Internet speeds will always drop in the evening, kids home from school, people home from work all going online although your drop seems excessive.
Have you had BT check the phone line in case there is a fault.

  harps1h 19:29 11 Sep 10

I appreciate the fact that usage will increase in the evening but I think that even the most sceptical would accept that the latest speed test returned a miserable 0.6mb download. You need to bear in mind that for three years adsl24 had provided me with a solid connection of around 5/6mb at night and 7+ at day time. BT have checked my line to avail and my attenuation is sitting at a very low 5.5, so there is no reason for this. adsl changed their wholesaler from entanet to murphx in feb and this is the time that connections went down

  Kevscar1 15:43 12 Sep 10

Who is your ISP ADSL is just the type of connection. Have you contacted them to see if they can do anything. Sky changed something at their end giving me an extra !mb download.

  harps1h 22:06 18 Oct 10

please read the first line of my original thread. I am aware of what adsl is. I have been in contact with them and thanks to their persistent poor service I have a bt profile of 7150 reduced to 2000.

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