Gaming Bargains - what have you got recently?

  GRIDD 20:13 19 Jul 08

Some bargains for the PS3 cheap....

Ratchet and Clank for £14.99 at Argos. click here it's usually £37 at most retailers.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma click here;-1;-1;-1&sku=653311 £15.99

  GRIDD 20:16 19 Jul 08

click here
link fixed

  mrwoowoo 23:15 19 Jul 08

Got Quake 4 (pc) £4.99 from game.
Also thought Jericho was a bargain at £12.00,but it,s now £9.00 at Game or £6.00 inc p&p on EBAY. )O:!

  wolfie3000 13:46 20 Jul 08

I dont usually buy games unless i really want it, i tend to download the many free FPS and mmorpg games that are about.

But for awesome deals you cant beat Amazon for there prices and range.

click here

Some games can be as low as 1P

Im very tight with my money if you havent guessed lol

  Si_L 21:50 20 Jul 08

GTA Vice city for £2 from Game

And for 49p, Pro Evolution Soccer 1 for the PS2. I realise we are now on number 7, but I was nostalgic mood, and it is still a good game after all.

  mrwoowoo 22:25 20 Jul 08

wolfie3000 will be so proud of you.Are you related? (O:!

  wolfie3000 00:06 21 Jul 08

Lol another tight wad. :P

  gudgulf 00:16 21 Jul 08


£4.99 at my local Morrisons.

  nosharpe 11:36 21 Jul 08

I bought Age of Empires 3 & Warchiefs expansion pack (used but in mint condition) for £17

  Si_L 21:27 21 Jul 08

Cos of the GTA or the Pro Evo Soccer?

  Armchair 10:10 27 Jul 08

For the 360, but I use 'recently' loosely.........

PES6, £1.98, GAME
Earth Defence Force 2017, £7.99, Gamestation


MoH Warchest, £5, Grainger Games

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