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Games you have struggled to finish or have not actually finished.

  Chronos the 2nd 10:49 06 Apr 13

I do not know if it is just me but I seem to struggle to finish more and more games, usually because they have not captured my attention in a way that I cannot wait to get back to it. Some games I can start and play for a while then not touch again, others I will go back to and finish and quite find that I did enjoy it after all.

Games awaiting completion:

Far Cry 3 each time I go back I am thinking this has had great reviews on and off forum, it's my type of game, why am I not enjoying it?

Crysis 3, have not even completed the beginning, now I loved 1 and 2 but.....

Bioshock Infinite I really think I am missing something here, I seen the ads I have read the reviews but I am wondering what is the point of this game. This may well be that it is very story driven whereas I prefer the story to be secondary to game-play.

MAX Payne 3 I knew I would not finish it within ten-twenty minutes and I was right, have never been back.

Just Cause 2 I just got bored, there was no aim or direction between missions and the world never captured my imagination.

There are many others.

Rather than start another thread.

Re-playable value is also important and Tomb Raider very easy to complete every challenge on one play through so little point of a second go. Bioshock Infinite I think is also going that way as there does not seem much to collect or much in the way of challenges.

Perhaps it's an age thing (59) or expect to much from my games. I no longer even buy MOD/ Battlefield and others of this ilk, I am not a online gamer and to be quite honest each new SP game was little more than a rehash of the previous with a title change.

  herrflick 11:32 06 Apr 13

Morning Chronos,

I too find it hard to finish most of the games I play. I mostly 'blame' this on the arrival of my two little ones and not having the time I used to.

Being a bit of a night owl, I do still get a decent enough amount of playing time and these are the titles I've been struggling with because I know I like these games and they're not bad games by any stretch...

Fallout 3 - I know, it's a classic, superb game but I just cant get into it. I enjoyed the start of the game. Found the dialogue feature fun and looked forward to hours of fun. I've barely made it past the first couple of missions. I don't know why?!

Borderlands 2 - Played the first game to death cause it had that re-playable magic that some games have. Took all four characters to their peak levels and just kept going back for more. For B2 I completed the main game once, with one character and I'm bored with it.

Dead Space - I think my main problem with this game is that everyone told me how scary and atmospheric it was. Despite playing in darkness with my earphones set to freak-out I never once felt 'the fear'. I found ResEv4 + 5 to be scarier and nothing has come close to the terror of the early Silent Hill series.

As for re-playable titles, I used to play a lot of Football manager up until the 2012 release and in terms of hours put in nothing comes close. My main go-to game now though is Company of Heroes and its Mods. I discovered this game only a few years ago and I have been hooked ever since.

Roll on CoH 2!

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:49 06 Apr 13

I rarely finish any games but, that's because I play RPG and MMORPG games which, usually, don't really have an end.

  mart7 11:55 08 Apr 13

GTA 1-4 never finished any of them

Aliens colonial marines,may finish this reasonably easy just annoying glitches in the game which im getting fed up with,thankfully purchased secondhand

Tomb raider not finished but i intend to

Devil may cry,has got really difficult so i gave up

  ordep 15:17 09 Apr 13

My Achilles’ heel is end boss's. It's often at this point that I give up. Why do we have to have them, seems obligatory to most games. I've abandond a game I was realy enjoying up untill about 3 weeks ago when I encounted the 'Ink Monster' Dam thing.

  kizipro57 10:48 10 Apr 13

I think my main problem with this game is that everyone told me how scary and atmospheric it was. Aliens colonial marines,may finish this reasonably easy just annoying glitches in the kizi.com game which im getting fed up with,thankfully purchased secondhand .

  mrwoowoo 03:41 11 Apr 13

Bioshock 2. Too much like the first game, so i found it rather boring.

Crysis 3. Final boss was a bit silly. Bored again.

Devil may cry 5. Just a very poor game.

Borderlands 2. Just annoying. The graphics are just childish.

Apart from these i think i have finished all my other games.

  Ibanez2010 13:34 15 Apr 13

Dirt 3 - repetetive tracks, annoying gymkhana and the fact the game wants you to pay for additional content. Gave up and uninstalled.

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