podlod 16:15 18 May 11

Hi, I have finally bought a gamespad for pc only, but it does not seem to work on my game which I am at the moment playing, being assassins Creed. I have a games Merc Stealth keyboard, which may coincide with the game pad? This is my first game controller, is there something I am not doing to be able to run. Thanks for any help.

  gengiscant 19:01 18 May 11

Not all games support playing with a gamepad, If you look in the options of the game you will see if a particular game can use a gamepad to play.

  Inept Pig 07:51 19 May 11

Also depends on what pad you went for - some pads have a key mapping utility that you can run so that 'unsupported' games can still be played with it.

There's also things like XPadder - but they don't tend to be perfect.

  podlod 08:11 19 May 11

Hi, thanks for your help. The gamepad I have purchased is the Subsonic EKO wired controller and have never used a pad before, I cant find instructions on how to use the item, not even on the internet. It has connected to my pc ok, and lights up ready to go?

  gengiscant 08:17 19 May 11
  Inept Pig 08:54 19 May 11

I'd install the drivers on that page and see if that helps at all; you're right though - it's difficult to find much on the pad online.

  podlod 09:38 19 May 11

Hi, I found a forum regarding the game, and it stated that in options you have to switch over to gamepad which is what I have done, it plays ok now but I have to use my left thumb to control, as I do not know how to switch over to the right knob, any ideas as I have tried everything, and obviously I have missed something?

  gengiscant 10:14 19 May 11

As I said in my earlier post it is necessary to go into options to set/change the way a game is controlled. As I have the game but have yet to play it I have had a quick look and it all seems pretty straight forward though it seems that you cannot switch thumb-sticks. Have a look here click Options,Customize Controls, controller, which will bring up a box with an arrow at each end, this will list your gamepad or near enough, but as you will see,what each button does cannot be changed.

  podlod 10:14 20 May 11

HI, thank you very much for your help, a nuisance being slightly temp disabled.

  podlod 09:57 23 May 11

Hi, I have finally managed to control the gamepad, but I wish to change the settings, so I downloaded Xpadder and they give you a list to choose from as to which gamepad you have. As mine is a Subsonic EKO controller for pc, I am not sure what catagory mine would be? A 4, 6,or 8, with 2 triggers. I have looked online but it does not actually say what my controller is ? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

  gengiscant 12:13 23 May 11

Would it not be better to post here ForumI would imagine you would get specific help

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