Game Pricing

  crosstrainer 21 Jun 08

Just been on the Amazon site having a browse.
Why is COD4 more expensive than Crysis, and Alone in the dark cheaper than both of them?

Strange, Crysis is higher in the charts than COD$ and Alone In The Dark is brand new??

  citadel 21 Jun 08

cod4 is still selling well, probably due to the multiplayer while crysis has passed its peak for sales. maybe there have not been enough pre orders for alone in the dark.

  mrwoowoo 21 Jun 08

All down to production costs and market forecast against attainable profit margins.
Their marketing analysts would also weigh up the things that citadel has highlighted.
Alone in the dark has reviews in the 7/10 range which are good but not in the other 2 games class.
Also 3rd person action adventure games on pc are less popular than a FPS one.
COD 4 and CRYSIS had their prices pitched high as they knew they were must have games in a popular genre and so would sell whatever.Now they've both notched around a million sales they can afford to drop the price to keep momentum going as the profit is already in the bank.
Pitch Alone in the dark at too a price high and people tempted to try something different,although not a must have, will be put off.
Pitch it slightly lower and you may generate enough sales to get the ball rolling along nicely by word of mouth/forums etc.


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