Game developers start to take note

  TopCat® 20 Apr 11

Being colour blind myself I am pleased to read that game developers are beginning to do something to help, where possible.

Anyone here have this colour perception problem? TC.

Click here

  TopCat® 21 Apr 11

The link with video posted above doesn't tie up with the subject matter. Why is that please? I repeat it below. TC

  TopCat® 21 Apr 11

Posted the above BBC url in my browser window (IE8) and it works fine. Weird. TC.

  Inept Pig 21 Apr 11

Interesting article; however, I think they've aiming at the wrong people - colour-blind friendly options do exist in some games; but shouldn't the call for this be aimed at the developers of graphic card drivers?

I'm not sure if it's possible, but obviously something implemented at that level so everything you play on your system was forced to use would be better than developers having to do game-specific options

Alternatively, there was a LCD Monitor produced a few years back, although obviously I have no idea about if this works and how well.

I think the other problem in forcing changes to happen would be the fact that colour-blind people are very much a minority, although with the stats saying 1 in 20 men in an industry that traditionally has been male-dominated - you'd think there would have been something over the years; perhaps it's just as games have become more graphically complex that the issue has come to the fore.

I'm surprised that Microsoft don't have requirements for such options given their commitment to accessibility in other areas.

  Forum Editor 21 Apr 11

"The link with video posted above doesn't tie up with the subject matter. Why is that please?"

You had inadvertently included the 'http://' twice in your link TC. I've sorted it out for you.

  TopCat® 22 Apr 11

Thank you very much, FE. Like a few others, I'm struggling to get to grips with the new format. It will come in the end I hope! TC.

  wolfie3000 22 Apr 11

Interesting article, but I cant see it being put into force with most new game releases.

Iv had problems myself with certain games, in that I get motion sickness.

There was a recent update in Perfect world where a boss produced blue waves and after 5 minutes of viewing them I felt really ill.

Picture of the waves


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