Game crashing ?

  podlod 07:16 AM 03 Aug 11

Hi, I have recently seen a pc game Lionheart Kings Crusade for sale on STEAM that I wish to purchase, but after reading various forums, a majority of gamers a year ago complained that it was always crashing at various intervals. I was wondering if anybody out there has played the game recently and now know if they have succeeded in rectifying the gliches, as i do not wish to buy this game and waste my cash!

  gengiscant 09:45 AM 07 Aug 11

I am assuming you mean 'The King Crusade' as I cannot find a game called 'Lionheart Kings Crusade' on Steam if so then if I were you I would not buy it as some games need a bit of tweaking etc to get them working reasonably and even then some games will always be a problem. If you are confident enough to try out various solutions others have tried by all means get the game.If not leave it.

I happen to know your PC is getting a bit long in the tooth,you will struggle to play modern games at the best of times, let alone ones that have problems.

  podlod 12:09 PM 08 Aug 11

Hi Glenn, nice to chat with you again, i will take your advice and give it a no no! You have always guided me in the right direction in the past, and hope you are ok in yourself?


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