Game cd,s wearing out.

  wolfie3000 08 Jul 08

Why is it that you can install software like Windows XP or Vista and run the software fine with out the cd in the drive but when it comes to pc games you have to have the cd in the drive to play?

My Halo cd is looking worn out now and if it gets any worse i will have to purchase another disk.

I know why the game makers force people to have the cd to hand when playing the game, its so its harder to pirate the game,

But there must be alternatives to this so your precious disk doesn't wear out.

  Coltch 08 Jul 08

It's a pain to keep having the disc to hand - my Crysis disc is not very responsive in the drive.

There are the ways round most of this, however, this starts going into a very grey area.

Also anything with starcr*p protection should be avoided!

  kalignorgna 08 Jul 08

alcohol 120% or alcohol 152% at click here is a program that mimicks a drive and allows you to play a game wqithout the cd ;) if you download the trail verson it's not to hard to get a key to make it the "full version" not that I'm advertisin piracy or any thing of corse. after usin the trail program you will need the disk one more time to copy the files to alcohol after just select what game u whant to play as u need to change the mirror per game as apropiate.

  morgueman 08 Jul 08

Call Of Duty 4 dosent require the CD to be in the pc but i agree, its a pain having to find the disc if you want to play most games, especially if you have several games and either the kids put them back in the wrong box or dont even bother, then you have to hunt high and low looking for the thing! Thats of course if the wife hasent already tidied up and put them somewhere safe!

  crosstrainer 08 Jul 08

If you have a purchased copy of HALO, then it should be replaced free of charge. They will ask for the old one to be returned though.

  mrwoowoo 08 Jul 08

I use a no cd/dvd crack for convenience and also to save wear and tear to my discs.
Yes it's infringing copyright and as such is illegal,but they are my games and i payed for them so i don't really care.


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