Further to my Playstation 1 post

  gengiscant 14:31 18 Jun 09

I am now playing,
Alien trilogy. This is a great game.
Exhumed. I love this.
Resident Evil. Played in the dark.Great.
Tombraider. Those were the days.
Final DOOM. What can I say.

OK the graphics are rubbish, but maybe its just me but there seems to be more game play, a lot of games these days look stunning but lack any real game play and on occasions have become boring.
Don't get me wrong there are some great games out there,but when you hear how much it take to make a game why are there so many rubbish ones?

I love and am still playing. COD 4,Fallout 3,
Clearsky but also these retro games,still a lot of games to get through.

  dagnammit 19:53 18 Jun 09

Games have gotten easier and the retro market is huge.

Since getting my Master System I've remembered the skill required to play (yells in frustration and no saves!!!! Die and you're back at the start. No pressing start, save, start, save..... meh kids today have it easy!!! lol

Back in the day they utilised the hardware to max, made the game as fun as possible and was bug free! The Sega Master System II runs on a 2MHz (yes 2 megahertz) processor and has 2 kilobytes of RAM. Those programmers where efficient at their jobs!

Now it's get the game out the door, send a couple of patches over the web to fix bugs and then charge £7.99 for a bit of the incomplete story from the game via DLC.

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