FreeCell Game #1749

  WhiteTruckMan 00:55 25 Aug 08

I've been trying to do this particular game on and off for a few hours now, with no luck despite numerous restarts. In the overview for the game it states "It is believed (although not proven) that every game is winnable. " But this one has me stumped. Can anyone do it, or have I found an unwinnable game?

I'm not asking for instructions on how to do it, merely if anyone can.


  Forum Editor 01:04 25 Aug 08

if it's in the Games forum, and I'll move it over now.

  Marko797 11:37 25 Aug 08

is quite easy.
Not sure what ur problem is though. Is it that u don't know how to play it at all?

  Si_L 12:41 25 Aug 08

Using XP or Vista? Because I think Vista has a feature called 'hint' if you get stuck. It basically tells you what move to do.

  Si_L 12:43 25 Aug 08

Haha I just did the game (on Vista) using hint on every move, and it couldn't complete it, it came up with 'Sorry, there are no more possible moves' or something to that effect.

Marko797 - WTM doesn't suck, the game sucks.

  WhiteTruckMan 16:50 25 Aug 08

its just the particular arrangement of cards in game number 1749 that has me stumped. But I dont know if the numbering is machine specific, or windows version specific. And I'm using XP.

Marko797 & Si_L - Are you both saying you have managed to do that specific game number?


  Marko797 17:16 25 Aug 08

Ah, now I see what u mean...that game (1749) in particular.

Well, yes, have just done it, and have some screenshots for u to prove it. Only problem is I don't know how to upload 'screens'.

In answer to ur question, Yes it can be done. I'm also on XP, so there shouldn't be any variation in game numbers?

  Marko797 17:18 25 Aug 08

how sad is this???

  WhiteTruckMan 21:30 25 Aug 08

Not really. I just had a minor metaphorical itch that needed scratching, is all, and thanks for doing just that.


  DrATty 00:57 30 Aug 08

I have read that, of the first 32,000 games, only number 11982 is thought to be unsolvable.
Have a look click here and click here.

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