hzhzhzhz 19:30 13 Feb 09

Well,after 2 hours play,I'm not as impressed as I was with the original. Not sure if I can see this one to the end unless it improves.

  gazzaho 05:12 14 Feb 09

I like it on the PS3 but the flashlight is bloody abysmal, it doesn't seem to light up enough of the surroundings. I don't want to brighten things up with the controls it would ruin the suspense, the effects of Alma blurring the screen can also be a pain, I'm blind enough as it is!

The reason I'm not playing on PC is because I'm unsure if it's DRM protected, on console I'm guaranteed I'll at least be able to play the game, with DRM and SecuRom it's pot luck as far as I'm concerned.

  hzhzhzhz 14:12 15 Feb 09

I was a bit disappointed to start with but not any more.
Enjoying it now :-)

  crosstrainer 15:18 19 Feb 09

In Tesco, out of stock in Asda. Anyone know of a reliable download site for the game? (one where I can burn my own copy after the download)

  Bob The Blob 17:05 19 Feb 09


  crosstrainer 05:49 20 Feb 09

I hate steam with a vengence!!! Will just have to wait I guess :((

  crosstrainer 14:36 21 Feb 09

Withdrawal!!! Can't get it from Asda or Tesco again today. Don't want Steam....Help :))

  crosstrainer 08:24 04 Mar 09

Love the game, at first thought it was too easy, but by Interval 3 I quickly discarded that thought. Nearly out of the facility (the new nightcrawlers are tougher than in the last 2 games) and that is just the start.

Tip! (read all intel as you get it...It's really important) Anyone else playing?

  hzhzhzhz 19:24 04 Mar 09

I completed it last week on Normal and am now playing on Hard difficulty,although it doesn't seem to be a heck of a lot harder.

  crosstrainer 08:56 06 Mar 09

Got out of the facility, but am stuck on the roof...those damn snipers! Can't get the sniper rifle to zoom :((

  gengiscant 10:11 06 Mar 09

What a tedious game,up and down corridors,so original!!!!
I have been playing it since it came out,off and on,more off than on.
Nothing new here,nothing that hasn't been done many times before.
Sorry thumbs down for me.

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