fallout 3 review

  citadel 16:31 26 Oct 08

first review from pcgamer mag
it's gory, dark, worthy of the name.
it's not for kids, to be played in a hurry, oblivion with guns.
score an excellently grim rpg 90%
rec spec 2.8 core2 duo 2g ram 8800 gpu of better.

  roddypoddy 18:48 27 Oct 08

Getting this for sure,over Farcry2.

  citadel 19:17 27 Oct 08

don't rush to finish the main quest as it apparently takes about 10 hours, there are many hours of play doing other things.

  roddypoddy 21:07 27 Oct 08

I know what you mean,if its Oblivionish(is that a real word)then i,m all for soaking up the entire experience.

  citadel 19:03 01 Nov 08

just got out of the vault and it is very bleak after playing far cry 2 for a week. the game runs ok no crashes.

  Devil Fish 23:57 01 Nov 08

got my paws on this baby yesterday in a shiney lunchbox no less alas still in the vault about to make my escape due to work commitments though the wobbly head adorns my desk

citadel thanks for the heads up about the main quests plenty of exploring to be done me thinks

  citadel 22:24 15 Dec 08

I have been playing a while now and have some good weapons, there is a lot to do, my good deeds are broadcast on the radio, someone has put a contract out on me and mercs trying to collect, all adds up to the game of the year.

  mrwoowoo 23:20 17 Dec 08

One of the things that let it down for me are the sound of the weapons,or lake of.The pistol and assault rifle just make a little popping sound.
Finished in Megatron and am off to find daddy.
Good enough so far but have been distracted by Dead space.Now that's my type of game.

  mrwoowoo 23:21 17 Dec 08

Ooops. lake = lack.

  citadel 17:26 18 Dec 08

you can make a railway rifle, it go's choo choo choo as enemies drop, worth the price of the game just for that.

  mrwoowoo 19:10 18 Dec 08

Thanks,i'll give that a go.
The laser gun sounds good ,so it's looking up.

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