Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition

  gartoy 12:46 PM 25 Sep 10

Played through Fallout 3 (normal edition) twice & its a great game, but its so massive there are still some places I haven't thoroughly checked out.

Also, I got my current version via Steam & had frequent CTD's & had to resort to saving way more often than I normally would, knowing I could (& often would) CTD at any time did have a negative impact on the gameplay.

So for the sake of £10 - £15 I intend to get a hard copy & play through it again.

Is the game of the year edition the same game with some separate stand-alone missions or is it all integrated into 1 big game?

How does the game of the year edition differ?

Thanks in advance.

  Kevscar1 14:15 PM 25 Sep 10

can't remember if mine was special edition or game of the year. Came in Box with metal figure.

If you go to this site there are thousands of mods for it.

click here

Game playing time so far 158 hrs and still not done them all

  gartoy 21:17 PM 25 Sep 10

Thanks for the link kevscar, looks like plenty to be going on with :)

  D@ve 00:08 AM 01 Oct 10

What does "CTD" stand for?

  gengiscant 09:14 AM 01 Oct 10

'What does "CTD" stand for?'
Crash to desktop.

  D@ve 16:51 PM 01 Oct 10

I see. Thanks.


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