Fairy jewels 2

  sarahs-mum 02 Aug 08


Never joined this sort of forum before so I hope I've put this in the right place and that someone can help.

I downloaded Fairy Jewels 2 from the Viva media / screen seven site and absolutely loved it. However, I am now completely stuck at level 68 - it actually seems impossible (I prefer that option to being a bit thick!)

I don't suppose anyone knows how to do it. I would be so grateful - and possibly be able to sleep at night without seeing fairies.

Thanks a lot

  rdave13 03 Aug 08

Well, as adults we're a bit slow on such games.
Leave it to Sarah as she will no doubt complete the game given time...:-)

  crosstrainer 03 Aug 08

I can't find any cheat codes or walk trough's for this either, so I guess rdave13's suggestion may be the best.

Perseverance helps too :)

  sarahs-mum 09 Aug 08

Many thanks, guys.

I did eventually get through the level- a help file with the game would have been, well .. helpful!

I was kind of right and wrong. The level is a bit incongruous in that the 'bricks' don't behave the same way as in the other levels and the impassable steel blocks actually disappear t one point.

I have become a bit geekish out this and currently hold the online topscore at screenseven which is a bit sad for a 52 year old but I'm not going to make a habit of it.All these unwritten rules are not good for my sanity.

I did complete the whole game and was gutted to find that unless you get all the way through without losing all your lives, the witch still wins.

Enough is enough and it's time to get a life again without the fairies.

  mrwoowoo 09 Aug 08

Top online score?
Half way up a top score list would be an achievement for me)O:!
I don't know about getting a life,i think you should carry on gaming.But i suppose moderation is the keyword
Sounds like you're a natural.

  sarahs-mum 14 Aug 08

Thank you mrwoowoo but it's not that impressive as there are only about 4 of us put scores up. :)

I'm hanging up my gaming shoes though because I was so gutted when I completed the whole thing without losing any lives and none of the exciting stuff I had been expecting happened. In fact - nothing happened and the witch still won!

There seem to be a few bugs in the game and I have no idea how to report them.

It was good while it lasted though.

  RickyC :-) 15 Aug 08

We're keen to hear of any bugs in the games - please click here for the PC Advisor Games support section, or send an email to me (using the yellow envelope by my user name), and I'll ask the technical team to investigate.

kind regards

Software Editor


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