Fable 3

  Marko797 04 Sep 11

Has anyone been playing/is playing the above?

I've finished and must say really enjoyed it. It seemed to go really quickly when completing the main story, but then the game just goes on with loads of side quests to complete just to keep it interesting, and loads of treasure/keys/gnomes, and books to find.

Again, as with Fable 1, great graphics, great story, great music, and some great humour from the characters. Really well made game and most enjoyable if you like the RPG type of offering. Can't wait for Fable 4!

  Kevscar1 04 Sep 11

can you play it using just the mouse.

  Marko797 05 Sep 11

Kevscar; mouse and keyboard (WASD) for direction, then other keys for interaction (E, & Esc). Other functions u have choice of either clicking 1,2,3,4 or 5 with mouse for these, or use numbers on keybd. Hope this answers.

  Marko797 05 Sep 11

sorry cudda been clearer - WASD for movement fwd, side (L&R), back, use mouse for direction and movement. Mouse scroll weapon selection; left mouse (fire), rt mouse (cast spells).

  Kevscar1 06 Sep 11

Thanks only have use of one hand so limited t games where you click on floor to move and everything else on bar to click for action.


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