early PS1 and Sega DC hardware woes- did anyone have them?

  theDarkness 02:58 04 Sep 08

My first Playstation back in 95 or 96.. I recall having to turn the entire PS1 system UPSIDE DOWN to make video playback within games stop jumping! Lol.. was it just my bad luck or did any others have the same issue? My Sega Dreamcast wasnt much better- actually, looking back, it was worse! It had the constant resetting bug, which supposedly affected so many early adopters! :) Buying a PS2 solved the PS1 video problem and introduced a new one (just my opinion-the PS1 always looked far more slick when compared to the retro PS2!- lol). I cant even remember if i ever solved the DC reset.. although it didnt happen too often and a lens clean would help further, i dont think i ever got a solution.. anyone have any similar issues with hardware, with these systems or other? PS forgot my sinclair spectrum +2A, terrible tape deck, i eventually had to install an external one to get tapes to run after a simple cassette deck clean wouldnt solve the problem! B-)


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